About café

We have a small, family-friendly and cozy café on site. 

The cafe is built in an old barn which gives it its  cozy atmosphere. You can enjoy your coffee indoors or outdoors.

We offer

During the cafés opening hours we always offer a variety of soft drinks and ice cream. At weekends the café usually offers different baked goods that vary from week to week. There is also the possibility to order baked goods on beforehand or even order something before a round of footballgolf and then be able to enjoy it afterwards.


Café prislist

Comming soon …

Opening hours

The café does not have fixed opening hours and depend on the weather. This means that on a rainy Monday the café might be closed, but on a sunny Saturday it is very likely open. Fresh pastries usually on weekends.

If you want to make sure the café is open or that we have pastries – call +358 50 522 2680. Remember that you can play footballgolf even though the café is closed.