COVID-19 INFORMATION – Uppgårds Fotisgolf

Updated information for Uppgårds Fotisgolf acording the Codiv-19 virus.

Updated: 2.2.2021

We follow the regulations about the Covid-19 regulations to protect each people for the virus. We will start the preparation of the course as normaly and hopefull open the course about the 1.5 2020.

If you will come and play SoccerGolf / Fotisgolf to us, therefor we hope you will follow the special rules at our course:

Restrictions in a nutshell:

– take your own glowes or plastic glowes with you

– all handshaking i prohibited while your stay at us

– keep an safe distance to other players, minimi 2 meters

– only 2-3 players on the same course at the time

– payments done by creditcard

– cash payment can be done, but please place the cash in the mail box inside the Cafée door. 


Other Info:


The toilet in the Sauna department is open for our customers, but wash you hands after the visit with water and normal soap.

Down On the Course:

Play in groups off 2-3 persons / group

Allow good security space between the player groups. Something about 5 minutes between the groups.

If there are more players on the course, please let the group in front of you play their turn to the end, and then you can start your own turn.

The soccer ball has to be handled only by the actual player, do not touch other players balls or the flag pole in the hole. 

The balls:

The  balls will be washed 2-3 times per day with pressure washer and normal diskwashing deturgent. 

For more information, pls. call: +358 50 522 2680 och e-mail: 

Hope you enjoy your stay her at us:

Martin & Stina Ericsson