Meeting room ...

Entrence to the Meeting Room
The old outer terrace

Meeting room in a nice, quiet and cosy environment.

In connection to the sauna there is also a meeting room which is suitable for groups up to about 20 people.

The indoor room has table and chairs for 16 people and a sofa group for about 10 people. There is also a terrace with seating for 16 people. 

In the room there is also a kitchenette with fridge, stove and microwave, and on the terrace there is a grill. 

The meeting room also includes free WiFi and a 32-inch TV screen which can easily be connected to a computer. 

If you rent the sauna, you also have access to the meeting room, but you can also rent the meeting room separately. 


A list of things that is included when you rent the sauna and meeting room

  • kitchenette and fridge
  • large gas grill on the terrace
  • dishware, silverware and drinking glass for about 30 people (if you need more, please be in contact with us)
  • in side table and chairs for 16 people 
  • terrace with seating for 16 people
  • sofa group beside the fireplace
  • 32-inch Monitor – HDMI
  • audio system with speakers, possible to connect to smartphone
  • free open WiFi

The outer terracce is for the moment under construction, but will be ready, hopefully, about the 15.5.