Payments at Fotisgolf ...

How to pay you greenfee?

Cash payment

Naturligtvis tar vi emot även betalningar i kontanter. Det kan vara själ att ha jämna pengar med sig när du kommer och vill spela. Det kommer att finnas en liten minimal växelkassa i Pay & Play punkten som är belägen innanför Café ytterdörren.

Kontakt betalningarna kan läggas i för detta reserverade låsta postlådan.

Vi önskar att ni skriver på en lapp vad ni har betalt för, Vuxna / Barn och antal. Tack

Credit Card

We accept Credit Card. 

While the Cafe is open you can pay the greenfee to the Cafe.

Pay & Play Service

Pay & Play servicen is located inside the Café outerdoor.

Pay & Play service use an IZettler cash register.

 There are only two buttons to press. 
“Spel Vuxen” – “Greenfee Adults” and/or
“Spel Barn” – “Greenfee Children“.

Press either buttom once for every player and type. 

Pls. Press the buttons slowly.

On the right side of the screen you can see what you are paying for. If you pressed the wrong button or to many time you can cancel the payment by pressing the little “trash” icon in the right upper corner and accept the deletion. 

Now you must start the process one more time.

Image: How to clear the actual selections.


Then press the KONTANTER (Cash) button or KORT (Card) button to select the right method of payment.?

Accept KONTANTER (Cash) -selection and now you can place the cash payment in the black mailbox on the inner side of the door.  

With KREDIT (Card) -selection the sum of total will be displayd on the card readers screen. 

Then insert your credit card in the card reader and accept the payment with your PIN code. 

The card reader is ready for max. 50 € contactless payment.

If the contactless payment is not accepted, then you must insert tha card in the reader and enter your PIN-code.


Do you need an receipt. Just enter your phone number or email to the system and soon you will get an message or e-mail with the receipt.

The just accept the whole payment with an OK click.. 


MobilePay payments are done like in the KONTANTER -function. 

Our MobilePay code is: 33021


We invoice only finnish companys, clubs and societys. To send an invoice we need some more information about the company

Required information:

  • Company name 
  • Postadress
  • Contact person
  • Company ID-code
  • email for the invoice
  • Phone number

Scorecards and pencils !

The scorecard,s and pencil,s are located on the shelft. 

Please return the pencils after the game.

Finaly: Please close the doors when you are ready.